Exterior Painting in Minneapolis & St Paul

Exterior Painting St Paul - Exterior Painting MinneapolisOn the exterior of your home, an excellent paint job means pristine lines and a durable finish, but that’s not all; paint is a barrier against the elements attacking the integrity of your home.  With a thorough understanding of the painting industry, Alltimate Painting llc is the choice for exterior painting in Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota.  Our satisfied customers include some of the finest homes in the Minneapolis area.  Our work will be sure to impress and we back it up with a three year labor warranty.

Building trust with new customers is key to our success.  Typically, we do this three ways; providing references, pictures of completed work and a detailed explanation of our exterior painting process.  To save you time, we’ve made a video encompassing all three.  After completing exterior painting in Minneapolis, this customer decided he’d like to share his experience working with Alltimate Painting, llc.  Take a look, it’s only two minutes long!  After you’re finished, we encourage you to check our review page for both video and written testimonials.

Our Exterior House Painting Process

Color guide for exterior painters in MNUpon accepting a quote from our painting company you will have the option of using one of our designers for a free color consultation.  Picking the right color to fit other features of your home can be a tricky process.  Our designer brings a full catalog of colors for you to pick from along with their experience of what color combinations work the best.  After a color has been chosen, we place you in our scheduling system which allows you to log-in and view the expected start date of your exterior painting project.


  1. Prepping a house for exterior painting in EdinaTypically, we start by pressure washing the exterior of your home.  We then wait a couple days for it to dry before doing additional preparation like caulking, scraping, sanding, etc.  After all the prep work has been completed we protect your windows, doors, light fixtures, etc. with plastic and tape.  Decks and ground level surfaces get covered with drop clothes.
  2. Paint application is now ready!  Our Minneapolis exterior painters start applying the paint with a sprayer to completely saturate the surface.   For especially porous substrates such as cedar, surfaces get back rolled and brushed so the paint gets pushed into the wood fibers.  Application method for exterior painting in MinneapolisWindows, trim and sometimes doors are painted by hand after the siding is completed.  If you so choose, we can apply the paint without the use of spraying equipment.
  3. After each day, we pick up after ourselves and clean up.  Upon completion of the project we walk around the outside to check for touch-ups and ensure you are satisfied.

Exterior painting services: 

  • Pressure washingCleans surface grime, chalk build up, dirt and mold. Most effective when used in combination with solvents.
  • Apply cleaners – Emulsifies dirt, mold and mildew for easy removal.
  • Total paint removal – Thermal and paint shaver’s for total paint removal.
  • Scraping/sanding – Scraping loose paint followed by feather sanding to level the surface.
  • Wire brushing – Wire brushing to remove flaky solid stains
  • Carpentry – Replacing rotten and defective siding and trim.
  • Securing loose siding – Fastening with nails and screws.
  • Caulking – Seals windows and doors from water, insects and exterior elements
  • Exterior paint application – Spray, brush and roll techniques.
  • Log and siding restoration – Complete preparation and sealing

Alltimate Painting owner wrote an article about the tools and methods for exterior paint preparation.  This article includes systems we use at Alltimate Painting, llc to prepare your surface for a fresh coat of paint.

FAQ’s from our customers in Minneapolis and St Paul

  • Do you have references?

Answer: Yes, we have a long list of references from exterior painting in Minneapolis and St Paul and upon receiving a quote we will supply you with their contact information.

  • Who will be doing the work?

Answer: Job site operations are facilitated by the founder, Conor O’Keefe.  Employees, not sub-contractors, will be working on your exterior painting project.

  • What do we need to do before you start?

Answer: For exterior painting, there is very little you need to do.  Before work starts you should check to make sure the exterior water and electricity is in working order.

  • How long will it take to paint my house?

Answer: Every job varies but at the time of your estimate we will walk you through the process and give you a detailed timeline to complete your Minnesota exterior painting project.

Free Quote – Exterior Painting Company in Minnesota

To receive a free consultation from our professional exterior painting company in St Paul you can either fill out our contact form for your free estimate or give us a call at 612-298-2244.