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Interior Painting - Minneapolis, St Paul, MNHome is a place for comfort, entertaining and a way to express your creativity.  Discerning homeowners and upscale clients trust Alltimate Painting to make their inspiration a reality. At Alltimate Painting, we never compromise on quality and following through with the “little details” is what sets us a part from our competition. After receiving an estimate, we make sure to provide you with a list of references and a thorough explanation of job materials and labor cost.

Our Process: Interior Painting MN

  1. Organize supplies so they are out of high traffic areas.
  2. Preparation including sanding walls, repairing drywall or applying primer.
  3. Apply first coat of paint.
  4. Using a halogen light to check once again for drywall imperfections such as holes, nail pops or tape seams.
  5. Repair these issues followed by spot priming the areas that were fixed.
  6. Apply the final coat of paint to the walls.
  7. Remove tape, check for touch-ups and replace outlet covers.
  8. Clean the work area

Minnesota Interior Painting Services

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FAQs from our Minnesota customers

How do we decide on colors?

Answer: You have two options. First and most popular is to have one of our interior designers provide you with a free color consultation. Our interior designer’s have a full supply of color swatches so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the hardware store.  They also have the expertise of knowing what color combinations work best with other features of your home. As a second option, at the time of the estimate we can supply you with a color fan deck for you to choose colors.

Who will be doing the work?

Answer: Owner Conor O’Keefe will be on the job site facilitating operations with his work crew. The crew members are experienced and trained by the owner on the best application techniques for interior painting in Minneapolis and St Paul.

What do we need to do before you start?

Answer: We ask that all items be removed from the walls and most furniture be placed in the middle of the room. We also ask for homeowners to leave in nails where pictures will be replaced.

How long will the painting take?

Answer: If the painting project is longer than one day of work we will provide you with a schedule as to what rooms will be completed each day. You will also be supplied with an expected completion date for your job.

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