Deck Restoration Services in Minneapolis & St Paul

Is your deck cracking, warping, or fading? Trust the experts at Alltimate Painting for your deck restoration.

We understand decks: what they need and how to give it to them. And as a local company, we know how the Minnesota climate affects decks better than anyone. 

How We Restore Decks in the Twin Cities:

  • Deck Staining, the application of Minnesota-specific, high-quality stains
  • Deck Sanding, the use of commercial floor sanding equipment
  • Deck Cleaning, the application of professional-grade cleaners and pressure washing

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Types of Deck Damage

Deck damage from mildew, warping, splintering, UV damage, nail popping, cupping, cracking, graying and fading

Fig. 1: Common types of deck damage in Minnesota

As you can see from Fig. 1, when your deck is exposed to the elements, the wood breaks down by cupping, splintering or the spread of mildew.  This can all be avoided by properly cleaning your deck and sealing it with a high-quality sealer.  We’re deck restoration professionals who use industry-leading techniques in deck sanding, chemical treatments, pressure washing and deck staining, ensuring your deck is treated with the utmost care.

Side by Side: With vs Without Professional Cleaners

Some contractors and homeowners think they can save money by skipping the application of cleaners and just pressure wash their deck with high pressure. In the following video, we demonstrate how and why the use of our professional cleaners is the only way to get the job done right.  Take a look—it’s only two minutes long!

Deck Cleaning and Stripping

We perform a number of deck cleaning and sealing services.

During the evaluation of your deck, we explain to you what preparation is necessary in order to meet your expectations.

You may have previously applied a film-forming stain (solid or semi-transparent), and it’s pealing off the deck floor. If this is the case, and you would like a penetrative stain which fades as it ages, then the previous film-forming stain should be removed. Deck sanding and stripping is the best way to do this.  In most cases, we prefer applying a stripping chemical because it is the most efficient (watch the short video above). For stubborn stains, sanding may be necessary for removal.

Will buying a pressure washer and tackling the project yourself save you money?

Maybe if you’re a fairly handy person, but we’ve seen countless cases where decks have been destroyed by misuse of pressure washing equipment.  Pressure washers can clear off worn-in dirt, but they are not meant to strip away stains or paints. 

A DIY job done incorrectly will strip away the soft fibers of the wood, leaving it splintered and rough. 

We’re deck cleaning and sealing contractors with experience using deck sanding equipment and pressure washers since 1997. We know what sanding equipment to use and what pressure washer tips, cleaners and strippers to use when cleaning your deck.

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Whether you need your deck stained for the first time or you need a complete restore, we can help you. Through a free consultation, we will provide you with an explanation as to the necessary materials and labor to complete your deck restoration project.

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