Ceiling Textures

Ceiling texture and wall texture great ways to add character to a room. At Alltimate Painting we provide knockdown, orange peel and popcorn textures to walls and ceilings. Many home builders install popcorn texture because it’s a relatively inexpensive way to hide drywall seams in the ceiling.  For an updated look that adds elegance to your ceilings, you can hire us for popcorn ceiling texture removal and later install knockdown ceilings or simply leave them flat. Our knockdown ceilings are applied in a multi-stage process which adds depth and ensures uniformity in the texture.  

We serve the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.  To receive a free estimate call us at 612-298-2244 or fill out our contact form.

Please check out the video of our work below.  The video show our process for popcorn removal and installation of knockdown ceiling texture.


Click any of the images below to expand and see more detail of a knockdown ceiling

Wall texture ceiling texture minneapolis mnKnock down ceilings minneapolis st paul mnPopcorn ceiling removal Minneapolis and St Paul

Types of  ceiling and wall texture

  • Knockdown – This technique is used on walls or ceilings and has a stucco-like finish. For knockdown ceilings we thin joint compound with mud and spray it with a hopper. We spray in two different stages to add depth to the texture.  After the second stage we knock it down with a trowel.
  • Orange Peel – Orange peel texture is round.  The procedures for applying orange peel are the same as knockdown without the process of knocking the texture down with a trowel.
  • Popcorn – Popcorn is a combination of mud and small pieces of styrofoam.

Free Texture Quote

If you are interested in having texture applied to the walls and/or ceilings in your Minneapolis or St Paul home, we can provide you with a free quote. Our estimates are detailed and thorough outlining all expectations before the job is started. To reach us you can simply call 612-298-2244 or fill out our contact form.