Wood Refinishing

Wood Refinishing Minneapolis St Paul MNWood refinishing is a great way to preserve the character of a home. For refinishing furniture, trim or any natural wood, call Alltimate Painting Services. We’re experienced in wood finishing techniques including preserving the natural beauty of wood by staining or painting with a high quality enamel. We can be reached at 612-298-2244 or you can simply fill out our contact form.

Wood Finishing Techniques

First, we prepare the surface for stain or paint. This includes sanding and using strippers and scraping to remove the old finish. Often times we start with a lower grit sand paper to help remove defects in the wood and then finish with a 220 grit sand paper to create a smooth surface. During the sanding process we want to remove any glue or scratches in the wood because the new stain will highlight these features.

After staining the wood with a color of your choice, we are ready for the protective clear coat. Between each coats of poly-urethane or varnish, we lightly sand and use steel wool to uniformly abrade the surface. As more coats have been applied we decrease the level of abrasion with our sand paper and steel wool. Prior to applying additional coats we make sure to remove any dust or dirt by tack clothing the surface.  It’s important these small particles are cleaned before subsequent clear coats are applied.

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